Wildflowers, Water Drops & Ladybugs

Orange wildflower through macro water drops.Orange wildflower through macro water drops.

To my wonderment and surprise, more wildflowers continue to bloom around our yard. These tiny orange flowers close up when not in direct sunlight so they were not noticed right away. Water drops make everything look better, especially in macro photography. There is something about peering into the tiny world of macro water drops; simple gardens turn into fairy lands, giving us a small perspective on this very big world.

I’ve allowed part of our yard to be overgrown with clovers and wildflowers. There within this mini-jungle resides ladybugs, butterflies, flutterbys of all kinds, and did I mention ladybugs?!

Ladybug On Clover

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  1. In the virtual world, you were a new friend in a familiar part of the country. I have always admired your work, and have learned by watching your skills grow. An absolute inspiration to me! (and I am sure that I can speak for many others) We appreciate your passion!

  2. Beth says: Reply

    I think it is so important to focus on the beauty of nature and our connections with it. In this technical world (which I love) there is a need to protect the balance between technology /”manmade” things and the things of nature. If we deny or ignore nature, we might as well deny or ignore our very selves since we are part of Nature and cannot exist without her;) So I am charmed that you allow weeds to grow in part of your yard to allow for the creatures that need that environment. That shows so much respect and appreciation for Nature and her ways! And your photography also helps the viewers to see the magical beauty of the natural world.

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